"COVID-19 Update: I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available. To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, strict guidelines will be followed; to view those guidelines please read COVID-19 Update: In-Home Training . Virtual Training and Online Training are also available. For now Training at Fortis Fitness West is still suspended."

Training at home to avoid COVID-19

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With the World Health Organization having declared COVID-19 a pandemic, to reduce the likelihood of contracting this illness, medical experts are advising us to: -Practice good hygiene (handwash properly, disinfect surfaces, cover coughs and sneezes) -Avoid large gatherings (gyms, concerts, etc) -Maintain a strong immune system (that means adequate sleep and hydration, stress-management, eating a nutritious diet, weight-management and regular exercise) As a precaution to avoid catching COVID-19 and passing it on. I've put a pause on my Powerlifting/Weightlifting focused training. Does this mean I stop training all together? Hell no! I've put together home-based Bodyweight, Kettlebell, and Resistance Band workouts to keep me healthy, mobile, and strong for when this passes and I can return to Barbell-based training. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing these home workouts. The best place to find them will be the blog section on my website trainsmartfh.com Diet, sleep, hydration, and stress, are all things we have control over and can manage. If you need a minimal equipment, home-based training plan that takes all of this into consideration and gives you personalised, fun, safe and effective workouts to continue moving you towards your goals, send me a DM to find out how you can enroll in my Online Training Program. "This too shall pass" - Persian proverb Music: Over N Over Musician: Not The King. 👑 #homeworkout #homeexercises #homegym #athomeworkouts #quickworkout #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #circuittraining #noexcuses #challengeyourself #fullbodyworkout #kettlebell

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