"COVID-19 Update: I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available. To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, strict guidelines will be followed; to view those guidelines please read COVID-19 Update: In-Home Training . Virtual Training and Online Training are also available. For now Training at Fortis Fitness West is still suspended."

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Train Smart Fitness & Health offers In-Home Personal Training, Virtual Personal Fitness Training, and Online Home-Based Personal Training Plans.

When most people talk about wanting to lose weight or tone up, what they really mean to say is that they want to lose Fat.

Gaining or losing weight ultimately comes down to a matter of calorie balance.

Online Personal Training Services Toronto by Train Smart Fitness & Health

Take in MORE calories than you're burning and you'll gain weight; Fat and/or Lean Body Mass.

Take in LESS calories than you're burning and you'll lose weight; Fat and/or Lean Body Mass.

Simple, right?

But why do we struggle with this?

Many of us simply haven't been taught what goes into both sides of this equation, how to properly track what goes into both sides and how both sides affect each other. Let alone how to properly manipulate those variables.

The first step is your goal.

What is it?

Is it realistic?

Is the timeframe reasonable?

How committed are you to achieving it?

If necessary, are you willing to make drastic lifestyle and behavioural changes to achieve your goal?

Next, we need to establish a baseline of your physical abilities, current diet, and lifestyle factors.

Once we know that, we can set up a plan using exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions to help you achieve it.

But it doesn't stop there, we need to do periodic reassessments and adjustments to make sure you're on track and to get ahead of any possible obstacles.

Luckily for you Train Smart Fitness & Health takes a holistic approach with all of our clients. In our programs you’ll learn to:

  • Exercise safely and effectively
  • Track and manipulate your Nutrition to support your goals
  • Modify and manage lifestyle factors to help you sleep and work better

How can you work with us?

Train Smart Fitness & Health provides a variety of ways to deliver our programs to you:

Contact Us to learn which of our Services is best for you.

Don’t delay, get started on your Fat-Loss goal today!


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