"COVID-19 Update: I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available. To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, strict guidelines will be followed; to view those guidelines please read COVID-19 Update: In-Home Training . Virtual Training and Online Training are also available. For now Training at Fortis Fitness West is still suspended."

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Fitness Trainer

With almost everything else we do becoming available online, why shouldn't you be able to work with a qualified and experienced trainer online as well? Online personal training allows you to be able to have a program designed with you in mind that can be implemented at a time and place that's convenient for you; no matter where you are in the world. Online personal training is the most affordable way to have access to a personal trainer. You'll have the benefit of having your fitness training program designed for you, a personal trainer checking in with you to hold you accountable and to make adjustments to your program. Using video recordings of your exercise form, you can get feedback to improve your technique and make sure you get the most out of each rep.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How does my trainer make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly?
  • Q: How will my trainer hold me accountable?
  • Q: Can I do a combination of Online Personal Fitness Training and your other Personal Fitness Training services?

A: As part of your Online Personal Fitness Training program, you will record your training sessions and send them to your trainer to review and give you feedback.

A: Through a combination of emails, phone check-ins, video recordings and a Workout Tracker that you will fill out during your workouts. These tools will be used to make sure you're sticking to your program. You're trainer will work with you to develop habits that will help you stick to your program.

A: Absolutely! Just Contact Us to set up a Hybrid Program.

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