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Personal Training Should be a Collaborative Process

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What sets Personal Training apart from all of the other purchases you make? Keep reading to find out…

Personal Training Should be a Collaborative Process

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What Personal Training or Coaching IS NOT

Hiring a Personal Trainer, a Fitness Trainer or a Coach is different from purchasing a new car or a phone.

What Personal Training or Coaching IS NOT

It's different from paying for a service like going to a dental hygienist or massage therapist.

Personal Training, Fitness Training or Coaching is not a finished or completed product. Just because you pay for coaching or training that doesn’t automatically mean you will get the end result or goal you’re looking for.

Paying for any kind of Training or Coaching; whether it be called:

  • In Home Personal Training
  • Virtual Personal Training
  • Virtual Fitness Training
  • Online Personal Training
  • Private Fitness Trainer
  • Fat Loss Training
  • Mobile Personal Trainer

Or any variation of these terms is ultimately a SERVICE.

However, it is not a done-for-you or a done-to-you kind of service.

What Personal Training or Coaching IS

Now that we know what Personal Training and Coaching is not. You’re wondering what it actually is. So let’s answer that question…

What Personal Training or Coaching IS

When you hire a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach, what you're really getting is a guide. Someone who has specialized training and experience to help you overcome the challenges and barriers that are keeping you from your desired goals.

What Personal Training or Coaching IS

As Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainers, and Coaches, we can tell you exactly what you need to do, to get from point A to point B. But, and this is a very important “But”, we can't do the WORK for you. That means that you have to stay engaged throughout the PROCESS.

This is what Personal Training is, a process to get you from where you ARE to where you want TO BE.

And at its VERY BEST, Personal Training & Coaching should look and feel like a Collaborative Process or Experience.

What do I mean by Collaborative?

That means that both YOU & your Trainer/Coach are staying focused and present during your training & coaching sessions.

You are implementing the nutrition and recovery plans given to you.

You are keeping detailed notes of what's working & what isn't.

You are communicating those findings to your Personal Trainer or Coach.

Remember you and your Coach only see and communicate with each other for a very limited number of hours each week. They don’t know what’s going on in your day-to-day life unless you communicate it to them.

Your Trainer or Coach should be providing you with clear and actionable instructions and plans.

Your Trainer or Coach should be monitoring your performance, stress, recovery and adherence to the plan.

Your Trainer or Coach should be asking for your feedback at each step.

This two way communication is the key to achieving your goals and their success as a Personal Trainer or Coach.

Your Coach should be listening, really listening to your feedback and experiences. They should be incorporating your feedback and combining it with their knowledge to provide a few best options of what to do next.

TOGETHER you will decide which steps to take and when.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork makes the dream work

Getting to your goals isn't solely on your Personal Trainer and it isn't solely on you. It should be a collaborative team effort.That means 100% effort from your Trainer/Coach and 100% effort from you. That's how you're going to get the most out of personal training and reach your goals in the fastest, easiest way possible.

Want to work with a team of In Home Personal Trainers, Virtual Fitness Trainers, and Coaches with strong communication skills?

A team that values and incorporates your feedback to help you get GREAT results, safely, and the best way possible?

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