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Forget Inspiration & Motivation, Use This Instead...

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Inspiration is great for giving you an idea to do something different from what you’re used to doing.

(“I should start a business!” , “I wanna get healthier” , “Cryptocurrency looks interesting, I should learn more about it.”).

Inspiration can come from a lot of places ie. your social circle, an Instagram/FaceBook/LinkedIn post, YouTube videos, books, movies.

Inspiration isn’t reliable, you won’t always feel inspired to follow through on these ideas; great as they might be.

Motivation is great for giving you reasons to pursue that inspiring impulse.

(‘If I build a great business, I can then leave this job that makes me feel undervalued.” , “If I get healthier, I’ll be able to spend more time with the people I love” , “If I can learn how to invest correctly in Cryptocurrencies, I can put those profits towards that vacation/home/car I’ve always wanted”).

Despite the possible rewards for your efforts, you won’t always feel motivated to pursue your goal; especially if a different impulse appears.

Habits are what actions you will take despite how you feel in the moment.

(“It’s 12pm on Sunday, this is the time I’ve scheduled to call potential customers for my new business, so I must” , “I will take a 30min walk everyday before dinner” , “Whenever there’s a dip in the market, I will take advantage of it to buy X or Y Cryptocurrency”).

Habits are dependable because you’ve either scheduled them into your day or they’ve become largely automatic through repetition ie. brushing your teeth before hopping into bed.