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How This New Trend In The Fitness Industry Could Benefit You

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Personal training has been moving from gyms to online, virtual, and in-home training, and this trend has accelerated over the last few months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t mean that gyms are going away; it just means that there are more options available.

Unfortunately, some gyms will end up closing their doors permanently, which is terrible for those business owners, their employees, and the community who love those facilities. It isn’t their fault, but mainly due to the Coronavirus forcing all types of businesses to shut down.

Before the lockdown, I attended two gyms, where I enjoyed using the specialized equipment (i.e., Olympic barbells and platforms), and specific training (i.e., Muay Thai instructors). So, I’m looking forward to these reopening, as will all other types of athletes who use the gym.

For those looking to be competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters, and combat sports athletes, having access to a quality facility is still the best course of action. However, they should also consider reaping the benefits of online and home methods.

With the right guidance, regular gym goers can achieve their goals from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is invest a little bit in equipment (Stay tuned for an article on how you can create a budget and space-friendly home gym).

While a good trainer will carry equipment to the sessions, the best results come from those who invest a little in exercise gear, as it would allow you to go away and practice what your trainer has taught you.

You will soon learn that you don’t need a lot of space and equipment to get strong, fit, and healthy bodies. Exercise will also become more convenient and less time consuming (the people who said they don’t have the time to exercise, I’m looking at you).

As the online, virtual, and in-home training trend catches on, the number of qualified and professional trainers will also increase. So for those of you still on the fence about trying one of these services, now is the right time to get off the fence and take action.

I suggest that you take advantage of online and virtual training to meet your trainer in the digital space and get you started. Then when it becomes safe, transition to in-home training if you like having someone in the same place as you when you train.

Sadly, with the increase in access to personal trainers rendering home-based services, we will also see those that aren’t qualified jumping into the industry to capitalize on the trend and make a quick buck.

So, you will need to be careful about whom you choose as a trainer, and don’t fall for a pretty face and a beautiful body. Remember, not everyone who looks fit earned it through disciplined training and nutrition.

My career started by providing in-home training services to those who liked the privacy and convenience of having a professional teach them proper exercise techniques and nutrition principles.

Since the pandemic, I’ve started working with new clients online and virtually who, when safe to do so, will be transitioned to in-home training or even a hybrid of these services. I’m already well-positioned for the trend, so contact me today if you want to get in shape.

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