"COVID-19 Update: I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available. To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, strict guidelines will be followed; to view those guidelines please read COVID-19 Update: In-Home Training . Virtual Training and Online Training are also available. For now Training at Fortis Fitness West is still suspended."

COVID-19 Update: In Home Training

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Thanks to everyone’s efforts, new cases of COVID-19 are declining. This has allowed many small businesses and public spaces to start to reopen, allowing us to start working back towards normal life (with safety precautions).

I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available! To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, here are the strict guidelines I will be following:

  • Shoes taken off at the front door.
  • Sanitize hands before and after each session.
  • Sanitize equipment before and after each session.
  • Wearing a face mask.
  • If possible practice social distancing
  • When possible train outdoors.

These guidelines will allow us to have productive and safe training sessions. If you or a member of your household has a compromised immune system, then now might not be the best time for you to have In-Home Training. But, don’t worry by leveraging technology to the benefit of clients, Train Smart Fitness & Health has you covered:

Virtual Training Sessions: This is very similar to In-Home Training and feels very much the same as well. We'll be working together live over Skype or another video call platform. You’ll be motivated and cued during each session. If you feel like you need that face-to-face type of interaction then this is the best option for you.

Online Training: This has been the most popular option both before and during the pandemic. Using Google Drive your program is sent to you each week and accountability strategies are built right into each workout. Each week you’ll receive a coaching email and you’ll also be able to text me if you have more immediate concerns. Each week you will be asked to record specific exercises on which you will receive feedback and cues to make sure you perform the movement correctly.

Now is the time to act, having a daily routine, exercising and proper nutrition can help build and maintain a strong immune system. To start working on your health and fitness Contact Us!