"COVID-19 Update: I am excited to announce that In-Home Training is once again available. To allow for safe In-Home Sessions, strict guidelines will be followed; to view those guidelines please read COVID-19 Update: In-Home Training . Virtual Training and Online Training are also available. For now Training at Fortis Fitness West is still suspended."
In a world that demands TOO much, we understand the struggle.

In a world that demands TOO much, we understand the struggle.

Late nights at the office? Deadlines piling up? Stress is knocking at your door? You're more than tired - you're mentally and emotionally spent.
Long hours at your desk? Or on the road? Pain is creeping into your wrists and back.

With all of this going on, finding the time and energy to hit the gym feels impossible.

Notice there's a maze of contradicting health and wellness information online?

One site demonises eggs, while another glorifies them.
One coach says that going vegan is the only way, while another says to go carnivore.
Some "doctor" is trying to sell you a new miracle supplement to lose weight, while ignoring the health risks.
It's TOO much to decipher for someone just seeking a healthier lifestyle.

  • What if the gym could come to you?
  • What if your fitness routine fits your life, not the other way around?
  • What if you knew EXACTLY what you need to eat, how much of it and when?

Say goodbye to traffic and time-consuming gym visits. Imagine receiving a text that your Trainer is on their way and ready to help you transform!

It's not another chore. Just three hours a week, at your ease, for self-care. These exercises do more than counter desk-job strain; they're steps towards a better you.

No drowning in endless research. No B.S. fad diets (YES!!! You can eat carbs and lose weight). Just simple, maintainable habits that work - even at work lunches or on vacation.


The In-Home Training & Coaching Program

The revolutionary fitness and health program that comes to you!

  • Tailored for your 40’s and beyond.

    Tailored for your 40’s and beyond.

  • Your team of Coaches and Cheerleaders, right at home.

    Your team of Coaches and Cheerleaders, right at home.

  • Consistent motivation through stellar communication.

    Consistent motivation through stellar communication.

  • No B.S. Fad Diets.

    No B.S. Fad Diets.

In-Home Training Specialist

A Tailored training program with in-home guidance for efficient, customised fitness solutions.

Habits-Centric Nutrition Coach

Meet your Nutrition Coach virtually and learn adaptable eating habits for your health and fitness goals.

Join a Supportive Environment

Our expert team champions your journey, helps you overcome plateaus, provides education, and builds your confidence.

Personalised Training Plans

Personalised Training Plans

Tailored to You: Our meticulous assessments craft personalised training programs, reflecting your starting point, goals, health, age, and training environment, leading to transformative results.

  • “...He developed an individualised program and incorporates my feedback to make necessary adjustments. He has a good knowledge of the human body that he uses to educate the client…”


  • “...it's also collaborative in the sense that I get to work with my trainer on what is working and what we need to switch up. I have seen my body get stronger and I'm absolutely thrilled. If you are on the fence about this JUST DO IT !”


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Say it with us: No B.S. Fad Diets! We combine nutritional science and habit formation with the art of coaching to create a nutrition plan JUST FOR YOU!

  • “…He is very knowledgeable and motivating. He has diet options and general advice that is very helpful. The greatest part of it all is that he comes to my home and keeps me accountable. I always look forward to our weekly conversations. Thank you Shan!!”


  • “...Extremely detailed and comprehensive plan. Realistic. And very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Shan.”


  • BONUS #1

    • Home-Exercise Kit
      Value $45

    Kickstart your fitness journey with your complete Home Exercise Kit courtesy of us!

    • Everything you need to train your whole-body in one kit.
    • Compact equipment that easily fits in a travel-friendly bag
  • BONUS #2

    • 7 Foundational Nutrition Habits Guide
      Value $29

    Streamline Your Journey: Effortlessly Boost Health and Save Time with Practical Nutrition Habits

    • Save yourself time, energy and confusion with practical and easy to maintain habits
    • Witness remarkable improvements in your health, skyrocketing energy levels, and an elevation of your well-being
The In-Home Training & Coaching Program

The In-Home Training & Coaching Program

  • In-home personal training (value of 1068$/month - we come to your home to make it super simple for you)
  • Food coaching + meal plans (value of 245$/month - eating habits that you can take anywhere)
  • No expensive gym memberships (value of 42$/month)
  • Unlimited support (value of 185$/month)

TOTAL VALUE: 1540$/month

YOURS FOR ONLY 828-1068$/month

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Why Me

Hi, I'm Shan, the Owner of Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc. I firmly believe that each person's journey to better health and fitness is unique and personal. Just like you, I have been on my own unique journey, and now I'm here to guide you through yours.

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Why Me

What the In-Home Training & Coaching Program will do for you

Transform your fitness journey with Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc.

  • Stay accountable to your exercise and nutrition plans with our dedicated In-Home Trainer & Nutrition Coach.
  • Enjoy a refreshing exercise program you'll look forward to.
  • Embrace simple, sustainable eating habits that can be easily integrated into your busy lifestyle.

Is this for you?

To ensure you achieve your desired goals, our program requires a commitment to making changes to your day-to-day life and investing in yourself. Here are the key requirements:

    • 1. Dedicate 3 hours per week to exercising at home

    Success requires setting aside a minimum of 3 hours each week for at-home workouts. We'll guide you through efficient and effective exercises that fit into your schedule.

    • 2. Embrace new eating habits and food combinations

    Prepare to change your eating habits and explore a variety of foods and combinations. We'll introduce you to delicious and nutritious options that support your goals.

    • 3. Learn and use food measuring and tracking tools

    We'll show you how to utilise food measuring and tracking tools, integrating them into your lifestyle. This will provide valuable insights into your nutritional intake without becoming overly obsessive.

    • 4. Invest in equipment for your home gym

    While we won't turn your living room into a commercial gym, investing in space-saving equipment over time will be a worthwhile investment. We'll guide you on selecting the right equipment to optimise your home workouts.

    • 5. Be open to lifestyle changes

    Prepare to make adjustments to your sleeping habits, grocery shopping routines, dining habits, and more. These changes will contribute to your overall success and well-being.

Is this for you?

By meeting these requirements, you'll embark on a life-changing journey that yields incredible results. Take the first step towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle with Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc.

Why should I start my fitness journey with Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc. now?

Why should I start my fitness journey with Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc. now?

  • 1. Seize the Opportunity

    By starting now, you're making a conscious decision to invest in yourself and take control of your fitness journey. Embrace the chance to transform your life today.

    2. Achieve Long-Term Results with a Proactive Approach

    Delaying your fitness goals only prolongs the time it takes to achieve the results you desire. Act now to set yourself up for lasting success. Starting today means breaking old habits and building new ones sooner, paving the way for a healthier future.

  • 3. Personalised Support

    Our dedicated team of trainers, nutrition coaches, and exercise physiologists provides personalised guidance tailored to your needs, empowering you with the knowledge and tools for sustainable results.

    4. Optimise Your Lifestyle

    Improve your physical health, enhance mental well-being, boost energy levels, and increase productivity by starting your fitness journey now. Maximise your potential in all areas of life.

  • 5. Join a Supportive Community

    Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and celebrate milestones in our supportive community. Stay inspired and accountable throughout your journey.

Don't wait for a time that will never come—start now and experience the incredible benefits awaiting you. Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc. is here to guide you towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.



    Absolutely! You can get in great shape with just your own bodyweight, a few pieces of equipment and the willingness to challenge yourself. The unique way in which our Trainers program workouts allows you to make progress towards variety of goals; whether it be fat loss, muscle-building, conditioning for sports or rehabbing nagging injuries, In-Home workouts can be effective for all of these goals


    All we ask for is a solid 50-60 minutes of your focused time and undivided attention.


    6ft by 6ft of floor space is plenty for us to guide you through an effective home workout!


    We offer flexible payment options! You can choose to do Monthly or Bi-weekly instalments. We accept most credit cards and e-transfers*.

    Of course we do reward clients that choose to make the full payment up front; we give 2 Bonus Sessions to Clients who make a lump sum payment upon signing up for their Training Package.

    *For E-transfer payments we require a valid credit card to keep on file.

    This card is only to be charged in the event of late or missed payments


    Yes! If our Programs really aren’t right fit for you and there’s nothing we can do to make it right for you, then no worries! We offer a money back guarantee on any unused personal training sessions for the first 30 days of your personal training agreement with us.

Transform Your Life with Train Smart Fitness and Health Inc.

Experience Personalised Guidance, Sustainable Results, a Supportive Community, and an Optimised Lifestyle.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier, Happier You—Join Today!

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